minstrel: Apology

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Wed Mar 8 21:45:25 PST 2000

> I was merely trying to say that there should be some leeway and
> openmindedness about such things, as nothing we do, as a whole, is
> absolutely period.

I think everyone would agree that there's plenty of leeway and
openmindedness in the SCA, and no one can make you do anything. But
the last part of your sentence is called "making perfection the enemy
of the good". No, you can't be perfectly period. That doesn't mean
that being good is a bad idea.

Note that I didn't get set off until someone said something roughly
like "I play modern Scottish music at events because we don't have
enough information for my favorite culture." My reply, although
phrased in a flammable fashion, pointed out that we DO know about
Scottish culture. Why not start with what we know? That doesn't mean
that I suggest that you should be closed minded, or that I am closed
minded. Nor is it closed minded to say that Robert Burns' collections
have little to do with pre-1600 Scottish music.

And yes, I'm of scottish ancestry, and yes, my persona is pretty much
a 16th century lowland Scott transplanted to London. And yes, there's
a guy in my local group who drives me up the wall by playing modern
Scottish music at events, and even calling the tunes "period".

>   I do not, in anyway, mean by this apology that Mr. Lindahl was correct.

My name is Gregory Blount. Glad to meet you.

-- gb

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