minstrel: Apology

Tim Connor timcon at flash.net
Wed Mar 8 21:23:08 PST 2000

Creighton Widdis wrote:
  But if I could ask
> maybe one off topic question.  Since many of you are
> more experienced in the sca than I perhaps you can
> help.  Respond privatly if you wish.  Are we
> attempting to be true to period, or the ideal and
> spirit of what is seen as period?  Thank you very much
> and I am sorry for the off-topic quwstion although it
> can relate to music as well.

Well, I'm not all that experienced, but that won't stop me from
venturing an opinion.

I would like to see more scope for speculative reconstruction in the
SCA, especially in music (that being my main interest).  But I would
rather see people attempting original compositions in period style than
finding excuses to use out-of-period music because there's not enough of
the real stuff.  (And I'd like to see filks banned altogether, but
that's my personal quirk.)

Tadhgh O Cuileannain

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