minstrel: Bardic RFC 0001

Vanessa Layne dagoura at MIT.EDU
Wed Mar 8 14:42:14 PST 2000

I sent the following to the east-kingdom list yesterday to some modest
acclaim.  It was in a thread concerning promoting bardic arts.  Pass
it on if you like.

> I hereby unilaterally decree that a blue (blue being a color
> associated with music in almost every major work of popular fantasy
> concerning music in the 20th century :) ribbon or rope tied to a gate
> post or otherwise prominently displayed at a camp entrance means
> "BARDS WELCOME HERE NOW (we feed!)".  

> And furthermore, blue and red
> twined together and tied to a gate post or otherwise prominently
> displayed at a camp entrance means "BARDS WELCOME HERE NOW (we feed!)
> Use this at Pennsic.  Be sure only to put out the ribbons when you
> actually *do* want performers.  If a bard wanders into your camp for
> performance and you're not there but left the ribbons up, they will be
> cranky.  If you leave the ribbons up and late at night a bard wakes
> you up, you will be cranky.  Corollary: ribbons should come down when
> you have a performer in your camp performing, so one performer doesn't
> walk in on another.
> Bards: Scour Pennsic looking for gates with blue or blue+red ribbons.
> When you find one, take the ribbon down and enter; offer your
> services.  If they say "What are you doing with our gate decorations?"
> say "Didn't you know?  A blue ribbon is a sign that you are welcoming
> bards into your camp and offering them your hospitality in exchange
> for performance."  We can have the Knowne World trained in no time. :)
> Wouldn't it be *NEAT*?  There'd arise a whole tradition of itinerant
> performers, going camp to camp, kind of like the historical wandering
> minstrels, only in small and much better fed.  You'd have random bards
> knocking on your gates asking if you want to be entertained -- but
> only when convenient for you.  Baby bards wouldn't have to wait hours
> for single slots at bardics, but could go out an earn a reputation and
> get lots of performance shots.
> I recommend color-fast ribbons. :) I also recommend the protocol that
> the performer performs, *then* is paid as the patron sees fit.
> Otherwise crappy or stingy performers (stingy== "I sang my song,
> where's my dinner?") will be the death of the system.

-- Tibicen
   tibicen at carolingia.org

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