minstrel: Apology

M. J. lawteller at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 8 12:38:32 PST 2000

Greetings to all

  I must apologize for the digression of the periodness of the highland bagpipe thread. I was
merely trying to say that there should be some leeway and openmindedness about such things, as
nothing we do, as a whole, is absolutely period. I did not expect the type of reply that was sent
(I truly did not expect one at all) and was angered when told "if you believe in the myth of
scottish culture, you're screwed".  I reacted when I should have let the matter drop as a
difference of opinion. 
  I do not, in anyway, mean by this apology that Mr. Lindahl was correct. I only mean that I
should have taken the matter up with him privately, or let it drop. It was wrong of me to drag you
all in to a discussion that has no end.
  I do not mena this as a continuation of the previous thread, not the begining of a new one. I
just felt that I should apologize to everyone not involved, but still had to put up with it.
Indeed, I shall not comment or add anything, so please do not continue this.

Mea Culpa,

Black Corwyn MacCamie

In nomine Party, et Filidh, et Spiritus Sake.
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