minstrel: Flageolet Re: minstrel-digest V1 #835

Martin Hungerford jongleur at netcon.net.au
Wed Mar 8 01:30:35 PST 2000

>That's a fancy term for the Irish tin whistle.  There's a bout a billion
>books on it; Soodlum's Irish Whistle Tutor is a good place to start.  Mel
>Bay undoubtedly has a title or dozen as well - they probably have books on
>Corrie / Brendan
>what sig file?

Not necessarily.  Some years ago I was given an instrument described as a
flageolet - ebony, decreasing conical bore, one key for the lowest note, and
an ivory mouthpiece.  The instrument came in three parts, plus the key and
mouthpiece.  I was told at the time that the thing dated from the 1790's.  I
have since been told it was from the 1910's - either way it's not a tin
whistle - but similar.

Martin Juggler

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