minstrel: periodness of the great highland bagpipe?

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> After 1562, all music but the Kirk Pslam was outlawed in Scotland. 

Can I see your documentation for this please?  I know that the Covenanters 
did do their best to outlaw a lot int eh later 16th and 17th centuries 
(including at one time Christmas!)--but I can't remember a flat out ban on 
all music outside the psalms.  I'd like to see it, especially if it falls 
within SCA period.

>  Burns did not create a new language (Scots Gaelic), did not invent the 
kilt (
> look to Bayuex
>  Tapestry), and did not force the Irish, Norse, Pict and English to 
> a people.

This has no bearing on this list, so we don't need to generate a discussion, 
but what in the world does the kilt have to do with the Bayuex tapestry?  For 
the record, the kilt (a tailored, pleated skirt-like garment) had it's 
origins in the feilidh-mhor, or "belted plaid"--a garment consisting of a 
large blanket-wrap that was belted around the waist.  The first record of any 
such garment being worn in Scotland comes in 1594 (although it was probably 
worn in the decade or so preceding this).  It took about 200 years after that 
for the belted plaid to evolve into the tailored kilt.  It was strictly a 
Highland (Gaelic) garment.

The Bayuex tapestry was created some time after the Battle of Hastings in 
1066 and shows Anglo-Saxons and Normans, wearing tunics and chain mail and 
various other things...  but no kilts.

If anyone wants to discuss kilt and things further, I'd be glad to, but this 
list isn't about clothing so we should do it somewhere else.  Read my article 
on the History of the Kilt which explains a lot of the myths, then let me 
know if you have any questions or points you want to discuss.

Eogan Og

Tighearn Eoghan Og mac Labhrainn
Order of the Pearl * Order of the Phoenix Eye
Militant Society of Bards

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