minstrel: periodness of the great highland bagpipe?

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Fri Mar 3 14:10:15 PST 2000

>    It is considered a "myth" in the SCA because that music no longer
> exists, and what cannot be documented, does not exist.

No, I distinctly _don't_ think that. I see people accused of that
opinion all the time who don't think that. I hope that we can have a
better level of discussion on this list.

> Every country has its own way of doing things. Even something
> brought from another country will, in time, change to fit the
> desires of the people. It is completely inane to believe that
> regardless of where it came from, it did not change.

The first half of your statement is wishing. The second half is a
straw-man, that is, I never said that "it did not change".

> After 1562, all music but the Kirk Pslam was outlawed in
> Scotland. Therefore, it seems highly unlikely that songs would be
> published from there.

But yet the historical record contains mention of many, and a few
actual tunes.

-- gb

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