minstrel: periodness of the great highland bagpipe?

Christopher Gregory krummhorn at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 2 14:45:04 PST 2000

Just a few points to make about this subject...

>>> << Bagpipes are period but the ends of the drones were cupped instead of
>>> being flat
>>> as in modern pipes.
>>> BTW, we sell pipes with cupped drones.

Pipes are most certainly period.  However, not all period pipes had cupped
ends.  Cupped ends are, as far as I can tell, peculiar to Holland and
France, as can be seen in the paintings of Pieter Bruegel and other, French
artists.  Period pipes from england are cup-less, as well as zampogna from
Italy.  Praetorius' drawings show pipes without cups as well.

>>> A point to remember though, is this is the Society for "Creative"
>>> Anachronism,
>>> otherwise we would not be wearinbg eyeglasses, playing plastic
> recorders,
>> not
>>> using coolers, singing Filks, or "Barrett's Privateers,"  etc.
>>> Ther are times and palces for authenticity and times for just having
> fun.
>>> Pipes are period and if they don't have cupped ends, what difference
> does
>> it
>>> make? >>

There are two poles to the whole authenticity and periodicity debate,
according to the Knowne Worlde Handbooke.  One end are the people who are
there for fun, and don't care particularly much about being perfectly period
and perfectly authentic.  They enjoy singing filks, and don't give a hoot
about the fact that your Great Highland Bagpipe is dated to 1780.
The other pole are those of us who believe that authenticity and periodicity
are important to having fun.  They don't lke filks all that much, and try to
make the bagpipes look as much as possible like it came from 1580, rather
than 180 years OOP.
I come more from the second group, and while I understand that seeing OOP
bagpipes does not hinder the experience for some, for me things that are OOP
do have a negative imact on the experience of being in the SCA, just as
hearing a filk to the tune of Gilligan's Island would take me away from 1585
and plop me rather unpleasantly back in 2000.

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