minstrel: Tam Lin, this time for sure

Lisa and Ken Theriot lnktheriot at compuserve.com
Wed Mar 1 16:22:42 PST 2000

It's been a long week, and it's only Wednesday.  I DO know the difference 
between Tam Lin and Mattie Groves.  Here's Tam Lin:

C    Bb  A   Bb   C   G     A   Bb   C
O- oh,  I    for- bid ye maid- ens a'

 F       A       D    D   C#   D
That wear gowd in your hair

E    F^     A    A   A   A   F    G
To come or gae by Carterhaugh

 A      F        G     Ev  Dv   Dv
For Young Tam Lin    is    there.

Repeat until you run out of verses; all my Mattie Groves commentary 

This is roughly in Bb; the F^ is the highest note (so marked by the up 
arrow), the last three notes are the lowest (so marked by the down arrows).

This particular version was "contributed by Robert Burns" to a collection 
published during his lifetime; he certainly rewrote chunks of it.

Adelaide, going to put myself to bed now....

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