minstrel: Tam Lin

Lisa and Ken Theriot lnktheriot at compuserve.com
Wed Mar 1 15:36:13 PST 2000

I know three versions right off hand.  I'd need to know which version of 
the lyrics you want to use, because the tunes scan differently.

I think the most common is:

A     E     E     E     D    C     D
Hi    ho   hi    ho   ho- li-   day

E       A      E      E     E      E
The best  day   of    the   year

E     E       A       E       E           E      D          C      D
Lit-   tle    Mat-  tie   Groves    to   church  has  gone

E          A       E      E       E     E
Some  ho-    ly   words  to  hear

E          A      A     B     A    Ab     A
Some  ho-    ly   wo-   rds   to    hear

Repeat until you run out of verses.  This is roughly in Am; the C is the 
lowest note and the B is the highest note (so it has under one octave 
range, pretty singable by all).

The tune (as you can see) is fairly monotonal, but there's so much 
variation in the stress while telling the story, that it doesn't come out 
as boring as it looks at first glance.


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