minstrel: info on some songs?

C&HWood norseman at voicenet.com
Sun Feb 27 09:24:44 PST 2000

Greetings from Linette de Gallardon!

At a nifty website called the Completorium
<http://zeus.polsl.gliwice.pl/~jarczyk/early/>, which has information on
early Polish music, I have found several interesting songs.  Most of them
exist as midis, which I converted through Noteworthy into sheet music in
the hopes of playing on harp or singing.  One in particular that interests
me is called Breve Regnum or Short Reign: the website says this about the
song: "original name: Cantilena de regno scholarium Cracoviensum: An
interesting secular song, used by students of Jagiellonian University in
Kraków. It describes, as far as I know, the annual seven-days feast
(Students' Games)."  Has anyone heard of this song, and/or would have any
idea on where to find it in a reasonably scholarly work?  I'm especially
interested in learning if the original music had the two lines the website
author uses in his midi rendition, and as well I'd like to see the lyrics
in the original and in translation.

I'm also interested in info about "Omnia Beneficia" which is stated to be
the oldest multi-voice piece found in Poland (1300).  Very cool sounding.

Thanks for any help that can be rendered!



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