minstrel: periodness of the great highland bagpipe?

Donald F. Harrington dharrington at uswest.net
Fri Feb 25 23:10:54 PST 2000

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Subject: Re: minstrel: periodness of the great highland bagpipe?

> Periodness of the great highland bagpipe?
> [snip]  can anyone help me?  Are they period?  What
> was played?

One gentle recommended a website
(http://www.s-hamilton.k12.ia.us/antiqua/instrumt.html).  May I also
recommend http://www.gmm.co.uk/ai/.  This is the home of Ancestral
Instruments, a fellow who makes _very_ period bagpipes and other
instruments.  I have purchased one of his hornpipes and just holding it
makes me feel Medieval!

Lazarus Artifex

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