minstrel: periodness of the great highland bagpipe?

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Sat Feb 26 06:00:26 PST 2000

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>      I am looking for some help.  I am a bagpiper in
>  the mundane world and have been in the SCA for about a
>  year now.  I have been informed both ways to the
>  periodness of the pipes and the music played.  can
>  anyone help me?  Are they period?  What was played? 
>  Thank you very much for the attention and help

We had a piper write an article in the Motley Crew, newsletter for the 
Militant Society of Bards, a few years ago on the Highland Bagpipes.  And I 
also seem to remember reading something on the history of the pipes in a past 
issue of Scottish Life magazine.  I'll see if I can dig up anything on those 
and post what I find here later on (getting ready to head out of town for the 

I'll also pose the question to the Albanach mailing list (medieval Scotland 
discussion).  www.egroups.com/group/albanach

BTW--it's always bagpipes, never bagpipe.  Any bag intrument with more than 
one pipe woudl use the plural. ;-)  Trivia for the day....

Eogan Og

Tighearn Eoghan Og mac Labhrainn
Order of the Pearl * Order of the Phoenix Eye
Militant Society of Bards

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