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Efenwealt Wystle wystle at ipass.net
Thu Feb 24 20:23:21 PST 2000

I do one trouvere piece fairly regularly and have put a sound bite and
<he says smuggly> my nifty redaction of it at:
http://www.ipass.net/~wystle/edame.htm (Be warned that only the
low-res mp3 is available. I deleted the hi-fi one from the server and
have yet to remove the link.) I'm also do a neat Machaut piece (Douce
Dame Jolie) for which Ann Lister did a great english redaction. I
stole it from John Renbourn's _Enchanted Garden_. I also want to
redact Machaut's "Comment qouy moi" and Colin Muset's "Quant je voi

My best recommendation for performing troubador/trouvere material is
EDUCATE YOUR AUDIENCE. By that I mean give them a translation/summary
and a blurb about the composer. Give the piece some kind of context -
that makes it worth much more to an SCA audience that has been reared
on folk, filk and rock'n'roll. With out meaning, its just another
pretty song. :-)

My favorite example of this is Bernard du Ventadorn's "Can vei la
lauzeta" or "When I see the lark beat her wings". It is said that
Bernard referred to Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine by the pet name "lark".
The song is supossedly about a tryst the Eleanor had with a lover
whilst Bernard watched from behind a curtain. Cast in that
perspective, the song becomes innuendo, and quite fun! not just some
dry old troubador love song, with a meandering and dull tune. :-)

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