minstrel: Stonehenge

Lisa and Ken Theriot lnktheriot at compuserve.com
Fri Jan 28 12:46:28 PST 2000

Before everyone panics about this issue, let me ring in.

A "cut and cover" road is basically a tunnel.  The idea was floated 
originally by English Heritage, the site owner; the goal of this plan is to 
return the look of the landscape to the way it was last century.  As anyone 
who has visited knows, the current A-road runs a literal stone's throw from 
the monument, and it takes real doing to keep it out of any photographs. 
 The EH people promise that when the road is complete, they will also take 
down the attractive (sarcasm) chain-link fence which currently obscures the 

Both English Heritage and the National Trust are behind this plan.  The 
barrows which will be destroyed have been cleared and are nothing but holes 
in the ground.  National Trust covered this extensively in their last 
magazine (Summer 1999, I believe).  The cut and cover road will not only 
take away the visual impact of the A-road, but most of the noise and 
pollution as well.  Anyone who loves Stonehenge ought to be supporting this 
idea, not treating it like a desecration.


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