minstrel: Stonehenge getting paved over?

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Fri Jan 28 09:26:18 PST 2000

I got this on one of the list I belong to.  If you are not interested, I opologize for sending it to you.
                                                            Green Dragon

Hallo. I found out something today which has horrified me and I want as many 
people as possible to know
about it. The Ministry of Department and Industry are intending on turning 
the A303 into a dual carriage way by creating what they call a 'cut
and cover' road (??). The A303 is the road that goes to Stonehenge. Their 
plans mean the destruction of 5 scheduled monument in the
Stonehenge landscape, including the neolithic long barrow closest to 
Stonehenge, a number of bronze age round barrows and a Bronze Age field
system. As the area is a World Heritage site it is an issue which should be 
dealt with internationally but the Department of Transport (along with
the Department of the Environment and the MOD) have decared it a LOCAL ISSUE 
only and are only consulted people living in the direct
locality. The whole thing is being politically carefully stage managed in 
order to receive least publicity and least media attention and least outcry.
I am intending on achieving all of these three aims - I am arranging media 
attention and a petition and am ensuring that as many people as
possible know about this. In a few days there will be a link on the home 
page that will take you to a site with all of the full details and a 
petition. I
would be grateful for all possible support. Please forward this email to all 
your friends so we can create as much awareness as possible. Please
email me asap with your view. Thank you. luv Moon. please forward your 
replies to sunhorsemoonhorse at hotmail.com

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