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Wed Jan 12 16:15:29 PST 2000

So . . . (speaking in terms of music, not the emotional state) a dompe/dumpe
is the period version of "the Blues."

Of course, it's not the origin of "down in the dumps" -- the mood came
first, then the music to fit it, by the looks of the other meanings in the

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From: Vanessa Layne <dagoura at MIT.EDU>
> >From the Oxford English Dictionary:
> dompe == dumpe
>    3. A mournful or plaintive melody or song; also, by extension, a tune
>    in general; sometimes app. used for a kind of dance. Obs.
>      * A. 1553 Udall Royster D. ii. i. (Arb.) 32 Then twang with our
>        sonets, and twang with our dumps, And heyhough from our heart, as
>        heauie as lead lumpes.
>      * A. 1586 Sidney Sonn. in Arb. Garner II. 180 Some good old dumpe,
>        that Chaucers mistresse knew.
>      * 1591 Shaks. Two Gent. iii. ii. 85 To their Instruments Tune a
>        deploring dumpe.
>      * 1610 Holland Camden's Brit. i. 421 The funerall Song or Dump of a
>        most ancient British Bard.
>      * 1706 Addison Rosamond i. iv, What heart of stone Can hear her
>        moan, And not in dumps so doleful join?
>      * A. 1852 Moore Vision ii. 33 Like..an Irish Dump (`the words by
>        Moore') At an amateur concert screamed in score.
> There is at least one Dowland piece titled <Soandso's> Dump.
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down the way encyclopedia publishers have.  (Of course, the difference is,
encyclopedia publishers have competitors, but no one else can match the

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