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Harold Feld hfeld at ids2.idsonline.com
Sun Dec 28 04:59:53 PST 1997

Unto all who read these words, greetings from Mar Yaakov HaMizrachi, Poeta

As all know, the poetic arts live in Atlantia!  Oft have I read or heard
fine works in every corner of the Kingdom, or heard them performed in
places such as Pennsic.  Now, however, as the year ends and I look to the
close of my term, I should dearly love to collect this poetry and gather it
in one place.  In this way shall the glory of Atlantia live forever.

I therefore ask that each Barony and Shire send me one poem for inclusion
in my collection.  In addition, any others who wish to have their works
included, such as Cantons, peerage orders, households, or individuals
should feel free to send me their poems.  I do reserve the right to decline
any piece, and if the number of submissions grows without bounds I will
favor poems submitted by georgraphic regions over those of household and

The poem need be on no particular theme or form, nor need it be written
specifically for this occassion.  If you have any documentation or
narrative explanation, please feel free to include it.  If you desire help
with a poem, feel free to send me a work in progress and I will help as I
can.  If a Barony or Shire would like to contribute but (alas!) has no poet
within its borders who wishes to undertake the task, please contact me and
we will see what we can do together.

I desire to have this project complete by Emerald Joust (when I step down).
To that end, I must set a deadline of April 1, 1998.  This gives
approximately 3 months for submissions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at
hfeld at ids2.idsonline.com, or (301) 585-9043 (do not call after 9:30 p.m.!)
Please send all poems either to the email given above or to: Harold Feld,
8301 16th St. #101, Silver Spring, MD 20910.

In Service to Atlantia and the Poetic Arts,
Mar Yaakov HaMizrachi

Harold Feld, Esq.
Asst. General Counsel A-TCPIP/DNRC

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