minstrel: appalachian dulcimers...again

Robin rhayes at pop3.powerup.com.au
Tue Dec 23 20:52:57 PST 1997

> Date:          Mon, 22 Dec 1997 18:00:40 -0800
> From:          William and Scianna Augustine <Peregrine.Ent at worldnet.att.net>

> A friend of mine has an Appalachian dulcimer, and asked me if it could
> be considered a period instrument. I remember some discussion on that
> point over this list several months ago, but have deleted the pertinent
> references. Would someone out there help me answer her query?
> Many thanks,
> --Scianna

I too have lost similar info from my HD, so would appreciate it being 
posted publicly.

I did have some info in book form, but can't locate it currently.

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