minstrel: Vacationing SCA

Melvin, Stephen R. MelviSR at aries.76products.com
Tue Dec 16 07:33:37 PST 1997

Greetings fair gentles!
	I am going to be vacationing in Southern Trimaris (Miami) for
the next few weeks.  My lady and I wanted to see if anyone knew of any
events/bardic circles going on in the area.  I'll be leaving on Thur,
Dec. 18. so please reply to me by Wed 3:30 P.M. (PST) if you know of
anything.  Also, please reply to me directly as we're having problems
with the mail server I'm not sure I'm getting the list.  Thanks in

Rathflaed DuNoir
The Black Bard of Meridies, MSoB

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