minstrel: RE: David of the white rock

Elizabeth Naime elspeth at raven.cc.ukans.edu
Mon Dec 15 13:35:27 PST 1997

> I am in dire need for information concerning an almost totally OBSCURE
> (read: I can't find it anywhere on the Net, so far!) song!  I will provide
> what limited data that I have, in hopes that you might either recognize the
> song, or might be able to provide me with any assistance.
> The lyrics (complete) and source documentation are what I am seeking, along
> with the real(?) title of the song, if it is not the name I have heard it
> under.
> Here is what little I know:
> "David of White Rock" - Title?
David of the White Rock, or, Dafydd y Carrig Wen (pardon my appaling
spelling, I haven't tried to read, write or speak Welsh for about a

> Composer unknown
I'll have that information for you tomorrow, I don't recall off the top of
my head.  I do believe it does have an author, and is not just "trad."
Will look this up though.

> Country of Origin unknown,

> Date of Composition unknown... sigh!
late 19th century, I think.  This I will also look up tonight
and let you know.  The tune may be older than the current lyrics, but it
may be an OOP composition.  The situation is complicated by the fact that
at one time, a lot of Welsh music and poetry was being presented as being
older than it actually was.  The joke in Welsh History I was that the
ENTIRE history of Wales prior to 1850 was invented out of the whole cloth
by Iolo Morgannwg, who gets a lot of flack for his, erm, flights of fancy
(the man probably wasn't deliberately deceptive, 3/4 oz. of laudanum a day
has been known to mess with the recipient's sense of reality).  Personally
I think he doesn't get the respect he deserves -- his ancient Welsh poetry
was damned GOOD ancient Welsh poetry.  And the National Eisteddfod is
probably MUCH more fun than the real thing ever was.  But I digress.

> I have checked MANY indexes, from various sources, using the Title and
> variations on the title, and using keyword searches for first line and
> related variations, all to no avail!

You may have more luck checking the Welsh title in the indices.  Or maybe
not.  I learned it in an airport from a little old lady from Bangor in the
Fall of 1985, and will always have fond memories of it.

Elspeth the ill-named

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