minstrel: Your Assistance is requested, PLEASE!

Cadwynn MacDonald mac-tire at nts-online.net
Fri Dec 12 09:12:16 PST 1997

To the Honourable Populace of the SCA,

Does Cadwynn Deforest MacDonald, of Shire Brad Leah in the Kingdom of
Ansteorra, send Greetings and Salutations!

M'Lords and Ladies, lads and lassies, nobles all!

I am in dire need for information concerning an almost totally OBSCURE
(read: I can't find it anywhere on the Net, so far!) song!  I will provide
what limited data that I have, in hopes that you might either recognize the
song, or might be able to provide me with any assistance.

The lyrics (complete) and source documentation are what I am seeking, along
with the real(?) title of the song, if it is not the name I have heard it

Here is what little I know:
"David of White Rock" - Title?  Composer unknown, Country of Origin unknown,
Date of Composition unknown... sigh!

1st and 2nd verses, as I heard them:

David the Bard on his bed of death lies-
Pale of his features and dim are his eyes.
Yet all around him his glance wildly roves
'Til it alights on the harp that he loves!

Give me my harp, my companion so long-
Let it once more add its voice to my song.
Though my old fingers are palsied and weak,
Still my good harp for its Master will speak!

I have checked MANY indexes, from various sources, using the Title and
variations on the title, and using keyword searches for first line and
related variations, all to no avail!

It is supposedly a "Traditional Folk Song", and is in 3/4, sung slowly and
stately... unsure if it would be considered an 'air', 'ballad', 'lament', or
what.  Through extended research, I 'believe' that it may be what is known
as a Northumbrian Aire.

It is my only hope that SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE in the SCA will recognize
the words or title... I am sending out my plea on as many newsgroups and
resource web sites as I can, in order to increase the chances of
identification.  ANY help you may be able to offer, even just a list of the
more obscure websites (already tried the ones linked to the SCA Minstrel
Homepage, Digital Traditions, Ceolas, and other well-known sources) that
might help me on my quest, would be received with gratitude and a debt owed!

Yours in Service,
Cadwynn MacDonald (Please Email me at one of the two below addresses)

mac-tire at nts-online.net
Cadwynn at wolf-web.com

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