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Many years ago when I was young and ignorant, I recorded Myrddin's song
(having learned it by ear without attribution from another performer, and
thinking it was therefore public domain) on a tape that saw limited
distribution in Ansteorra.  It's "Favorite Songs of Ansteorra, by Brendan O
Corraidhe" and folks who were around Stargate ten years ago might still have
a copy.  It's recorded in the key of D, with the low E string of the guitar
dropped to D.  (If Gwydion's estate wants to contact me about the
unintentional copyright infringement, I'll glady send his share of the
proceeds - with interest, should be about ten bucks by now.)  

>                      In search of Lyrics                          11/17/97
>Second Song - Chorus goes like this.
>Sweetly he drew me, the sound it went through me, as if should elude me,
>Oh maiden song, laughing long.
>I'm sure that I hear it, oh let me draw near it, I want to be merrily courted
>in spring.
>"Myrddin's Song" -- I believe written by Gwydion Perdderwen (how's that
>for an unassuming name?) -- I've seen it in a very old songbook of his
>work that's probably been out of print for twenty years at least. I don't
>know of any albums it appears on.
>Right -- _that_'s the other name I couldn't think of. I learned this one
>with both names attached: "Spring Strathspey" and "Myrddin's Song". I
>don't know why both, but it's useful information.
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