minstrel: Where to find Tapes?

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Wed Nov 19 12:39:18 PST 1997

At 08:56 am 11/19/97 -0500, you wrote:
>	Greetings,
>	What is the best source for SCA Music? I often here of Music
>	that "We purchased at the last Event" or "Found while I was
>	cleaning". As someone not able to go to alot of events I
>	was curious as to where one might find SCA music?
>	Hagis MacCraig - - - -"Always a lookin forr anotherr catch"  

One other source, is http://www.chivalry.com/cantaria/, a web page
maintained by Andrew Scarhart.  The page contains text of the song as well
as the performances from a variety of bards.  There should be enough there
to get you started.

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