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Mon Nov 17 10:55:53 PST 1997

CAB wrote:
>                       In search of Lyrics                          11/17/97
> Fellow Bards,
> So once again I will turn to my fellow bards in hopes that you might help me
> find lyrics, titles and who wrote these pieces.  (I will only ask about a few
> song per post to try to make this more simple.)  I truely hate to bother the
> whole list with this, but I have ran out of other sources to find these songs.
>  Thanks in advance for all the help.
> First song - begins something like this.

I recognize two out of three.

> Welcome to a moonlit lisle and strange and wondrous tales.
> Of ancient kinds and mystic rings and ships with painted sails
> Of how I came to be here and where I wish to go
> And all my deepest secrets which you will come to know.

Wind through the Pipes", a little introduction piece Meg Davis wrote and
did on her tape "Captain Jack and the Mermaid". It is mundane and very
much under copyright.
> Second Song - Chorus goes like this.
> Sweetly he drew me, the sound it went through me, as if should elude me,
> Oh maiden song, laughing long.
> I'm sure that I hear it, oh let me draw near it, I want to be merrily courted
> in spring.

That's "Spring Strathspey", written by a pagan poet and songster by the
name of Gwydion, who apparently died in the mid-1960's. It, too, is
mundane and under copyright.  I tried to search Digital Tradition for
this one (oh, woefully slow web site!, but it's not there.

Incidentally, Digital Tradition can be accessed through:


Anyone recognize the third?


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