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Heather Rose Jones hrjones at uclink.berkeley.edu
Wed Nov 12 15:29:02 PST 1997

On Wed, 12 Nov 1997, Joshua Badgley wrote:

> A friend of mine recently bumped a question to me, the answer of which I
> thought perhaps I could glean from your wealth of knowledge.  They are
> trying to find information on the sackbutt (sp?) and I happen to remember
> someone mentioning it awhile back.   Does anyone have any information on
> the sackbutt, or good references to which I could refer her?  Also, does
> anybody know when it first came on the scene in Europe?  I heard that it
> was a Renaissance instrument, but that doesn't quite narrow it down
> enough.

One person who may very well be able to help her on this topic is Master
Malcolm MacPherson, who actually has a sackbut consort going in Cynagua
(and is, in real life, a music teacher). Since this is a private list, and
since he's had his e-mail address published in the Page as an officer,
I'll only feel a little squeemish about providing it here:
rsmiley at quiknet.com

Tangwystyl verch Morgant Glasvryn

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