minstrel: Atlantian Crown Tournament

Bonnie A Hindle seareach at juno.com
Fri Oct 31 05:49:44 PST 1997

Morning all!
	Just one last quick note as I leave to head to the site for
Crown.  I will have my cellular phone with me so anyone who gets lost, or
in trouble on the road, or anything like that just call me.  It will be
on site by about noon and will be there and on all weekend (and a place
it will be answered even!!:).  Oh yea the number (oops) it is
(910)617-4829.  Okay???  Troll opens at 5.  See all of you there.

Alesia - Seareach's Seneschal, Crown Nastycrat, Entertainment
coordinator, and offical "Stress Princess"  (smile it is suppost to be

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