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Fri Oct 31 03:00:19 PST 1997

On Wed, 29 Oct 1997, Diana Hammond wrote:

> Two additions which came to mind as I was reading Tangwystyl's excellent
> primer on Welsh pronunciation were these: 
> The r isn't exactly as in English, as it is a lightly rolled r sound - at
> the front of the mouth as in Spanish, rather than at the back as in
> French.

To be honest, that will vary depending where and when you are.  In modern 
NW Welsh, for example, an ending "r" may drop off to the point of 
becoming almost Bostonian (US Boston, that is) in pronunciation.

> And the combination 'si' ends up taking on the 'sh' sound of English.
> Thus, the word 'siop' in Welsh is pronounced as 'shop' would be in
> English.  

A brief addition--ending "tl" is usually pronounced as two syllables, 
rather than a tongue-swallowing.  Hence, "Siop y Botl" (a very important 
name here in Bangor) is "Shop uh bottle," more or less.  (My capacity to 
render things into strict phonetic, erm, renderings, is severely limited 
on Friday mornings...)



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