minstrel: Bardic Competitions at Winter Solstice--Royal Bard Pre-lims! (fwd)

Fred (Flieg) Hollander flieg at socrates.Berkeley.EDU
Thu Oct 30 09:46:05 PST 1997

Flieg here --
  I trimmed a bit
At 10:48 AM 10/30/97 -0500, mn13189 at WCUVAX1.WCU.EDU wrote:
>Oyez, Oyez!
>To all upon whom this missive falls, be it known that the Bardic Olympiad 
>has been cancelled, but the party will go on!  The bardic competitions to
>be held that day will instead be held at Winter Solstice.  There will be
>competitions throughout the day, with categories including:
>Period song
>Self-composed song
>Self-composed instrumental
>Self-composed poetry
>Self-composed Performance (any medium) on a theme to be chosen that

   I know what is actually meant here, but the immediate image of some
song or poem constructed so as to heuristically compose itself was too 
strong to let pass.  And I always thought that you _built_ instruments
rather than _composed_ them, thus making self-composition of instruments
an attainment of high technical difficulty.
   As for myself being composed before a performance (or during it),
I always try to do that.  
   And I suppose that this particular bit comes under the category of:

Silly Performance (any medium)

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