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Tue Oct 28 05:42:56 PST 1997

At 06:24 PM 10/27/97 -0800, thus spoke Heather Rose Jones:
>To summarize a complex train of logic (which I will expand, if you like)
>it is extremely probable (to the point of near certainty) that many of the
>period Welsh poems that we have surviving were (or could be) sung. We have
>scads of references to Welsh people singing in period (including the
>reference by Giraldus Cambrensis to impromptu multi-voice harmonies). But
>when the question comes down to "what tunes were the lyrics sung to", you
>hit a brick wall. For the most part, people in period Wales just weren't
>writing music down. (You have to wait for the 18th century for that --
>that period saw an absolute explosion of collections of "Welsh traditional
>tunes". But if you compare, for example, the English folk music recorded
>in the 18th century with the English song tunes recorded in period, you
>realize that the connections between the two periods are tenuous and very
>tricky to interpret.)

On a similar, but slightly unrelated vein, how could I find pronunciations
for the Welsh poems?  I have a short guide given me by a friend; however, it
was cut off right before the vowels.  Thanks.

(still looking for an SCA name)

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