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Robin Hayes rhayes at powerup.com.au
Tue Oct 28 12:41:32 PST 1997

At 14:28 27/10/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Hello, good gentles.
>I am sending this message by way of introducing myself.  My name is Melinda;
>I live in Trimaris (FL, US); and I am very interested in the bardic arts.
>I subscribed to this list a few days ago, and so far have seen no messages!
>:)  Is there anyone else listening?

[Serious Announcer] The Fooles be always listening M'Lady!

[Battel] Robin doth want us to practise our Cher!
[Bottel] Verily, I shall have another round...
[Serious Announcer] Give us a F!!!
[Silly Announcer] Give us a O!!!
[Serious Announcer] Give us a O!!!
[Silly Announcer] Give us a L!!!
[Battel] What does it spell?!!!

[Quibbel] Robin?
[Bottel] Ah!!!
[Quibbel] Wait on!
[Lady Tangyl Wyt] Verily, we shall get it...
[Babbel] Help us not...

[Battel] I dunno, sometimes it all just gets too much for me...

[Serious Announcer] The Fooles (as thou can plainly see) be in need of thy 
support at The Site Fights - 

[Silly Announcer] There be sounds & JAVA embedded in various places on some 
of the pages (more to come).

[Battel] Robin hath said that this week he will put up a Barrel of Spirit 
for every 10 that we do score! 
[Lady Lud Wygel] Help us turn the dung carts into Spirit barrels on our
Spirit page!
[Bottel] Verily! What a show of Spirit! I shall have another round...

(long suffering scribe)

The Wise doth not oft dispute the Foolishness of the Fool,
 But the Fool doth oft abuse the Wisdom of the Wise.
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