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Mon Oct 27 08:15:27 PST 1997

Since this list has been quiet lately, I thought I'd share a bit of humor.
I was at an Andy M. Stewart concert recently, and I heard him say the
following (or something similar) to introduce a song:
"There is a reoccuring theme among Scottish traditional songs about women
who are very beautiful...  and VERY unobtainable.  We call these our love
The audience chuckled at this, while I nodded my head thinking, "How true,
how true..."
Then Andy continued, saying, "Fortunately, to compensate for this, we have
another tradition of songs about the benifits of good, strong whiskey.  We
call these... love songs!"
The audience then burst out laughting, while I continued to nod my head,
saying, "How true, how true..."

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