minstrel: The Fooles Troupe Cheering at The Site Fights!

Robin Hayes rhayes at powerup.com.au
Fri Oct 24 13:36:03 PDT 1997

[Battel] Robin hath said that this week he will put up a Barrel of Spirit 
for every 10 that we do score! 
[Bottel] Verily! What a show of Spirit! 

[Serious Announcer] Give us a F!!!
[Silly Announcer] Give us a O!!!
[Serious Announcer] Give us a O!!!
[Silly Announcer] Give us a L!!!
[Battel] What does it spell?!!!

[Bottel] Ah!!!
[Quibbel] Wait on!
[Lady Tangyl Wyt] We'll get it...
[Babbel] Don't help us...

[Battel] I dunno, sometimes it all just gets too much for me...

[Serious Announcer] The Fooles (as thou can plainly see) be in need of thy 
support at The Site Fights - 

[Silly Announcer] There hath been massive rewriting of the web pages over 
the last 6 months. 
[Serious Announcer] There be also sounds embedded in various places on some 
of the pages (more to come).

(long suffering scribe)

The Wise doth not oft dispute the Foolishness of the Fool,
 But the Fool doth oft abuse the Wisdom of the Wise.
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