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Fiona P. bilby at matra.com.au
Sun Oct 19 03:33:35 PDT 1997

At 9:45 PM -0400 14/10/97, Greg Lindahl wrote:
>Efenwealt Wystle wrote:
>> I'd like to do more songs appropriate to my late 12th century
>> Anglo-Norman persona and I have a real fondness for the Cantigas de
>> Santa Maria (mid 13c Spain). I've worked on the assumption that since
>> the Cantigas were folk songs, many of them may have existed before King
>> Alfonso saw fit to have them written down.
>Sources of solo song are so rare that I wouldn't go to any great
>length to justify everything as being strictly appropriate for your
>persona -- it's great to see someone interested in the Cantigas.

Is this implying that someone's got performace sheets for the Cantigas 9and
incidentally the "Red Book" ...)?  Please, please, publication details!!

And if anyone wants to hear performances of these pieces, head for the
Hesperion XX recordings, put out by Astree.  In fact, if you see the name
Jordi Savall, Monserrat Figueras, La Capella Reil, or Hesperion XX (they
tend to intermingle - the first two are personal names, the latter are
group names) on a recording anywhere - just get it.  You will always find
it worthwhile.  (Ok, there are many many others, too, like Sequentia ...
I've just bought their music from 12thC Aquitanian Monasteris ... but hey)

Fyrean and Fiona - one a performer, the other a music librarian ...

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