minstrel: Cantigas de Santa Maria

Efenwealt Wystle efen at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 15 05:58:22 PDT 1997

>Do you mean the "Llibre Vermell" of Montserrat?  I was led to beleive
>that these were written by the monks of the Catalonian monastery for 
>purpose of providing entertainment to pilgrims.  I don't know anything
>about them being pre-existing folk songs.  Lord Samuel Piper taught a
>class on this at the last Pennsic.

I think that's a completely different animal but I'm not compeltely 
sure. There is a really cool recording by Phillip Pickett and the New 
London Consort of many of those very songs. Its a do CD set, and I think 
its calle "Pilgramage to Santiago". 


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