minstrel: Invitation to Bryan's House Visit

Lyonesse tym3425 at omega.uta.edu
Tue Oct 14 19:44:38 PDT 1997

The Shuttle Desiderata, a Starfleet International Star Trek Fan club based
in the DFW area, cordially extends an invitation to those persons living
in the areas of the Baronies of Elfsea and Steppes, and those members
from other area Starfleet Vessels, and related clubs, to join us on the
31st October, 1997 from 2pm to 4pm as we visit the children at Bryan's
House in Dallas. Bryan's House is a non-profit daycare facility for
children infected with HIV and AIDS. While this is not an
official Steppes or Elfsea event, it is co-sponsored by Clan Firefall and
the Shuttle Desiderata, in the spirit of cooperation and service to the

We plan to dress in Star Trek uniforms or SCA garb. But anything from the
Middle Ages or space related will be wonderful!

The only requirement to visit the children is that you have had a TB test
within the last year, and Bryan's House will provide them free of charge
before we go. I will be arranging a time and date for those intrested to
go to Bryan's House and get the test. The test is not very painful, for
those of you leery of needles as I am, and is over very quickly.  

We aim to get at least 20 people to go visit these wonderful kids. The
facility is liscenced for about 30 kiddos, and we will be providing the
kids with coloring books, candy, colors, stickers, and such. Please join
us in bringing a bit of light to their Halloween. 

For more inforamtion please call (817)818-1892 or drop e-mail to tym3425@
omega.uta.edu or cem8780 at omega.uta.edu

We need to have an estimate for TB tests by the 20th of October.  

May the Prophets shine upon you...
Blessed be...

Cmdr. Trisha Makowski
Anastacia Kurakina

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He wants to travel the world.                           ( O   O )
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