minstrel: Cantigas de Santa Maria

Charissa ladycharissa at geocities.com
Tue Oct 14 17:19:49 PDT 1997

Efenwealt Wystle wrote:
> I'd like to do more songs appropriate to my late 12th century
> Anglo-Norman persona and I have a real fondness for the Cantigas de
> Santa Maria (mid 13c Spain). I've worked on the assumption that since
> the Cantigas were folk songs, many of them may have existed before King
> Alfonso saw fit to have them written down.  

Do you mean the "Llibre Vermell" of Montserrat?  I was led to beleive
that these were written by the monks of the Catalonian monastery for the
purpose of providing entertainment to pilgrims.  I don't know anything
about them being pre-existing folk songs.  Lord Samuel Piper taught a
class on this at the last Pennsic.

> Should I just get a life?

Most of us should ;)

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