minstrel: Cantigas de Santa Maria

Efenwealt Wystle efen at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 14 11:45:33 PDT 1997

I need opinions.

I'd like to do more songs appropriate to my late 12th century 
Anglo-Norman persona and I have a real fondness for the Cantigas de 
Santa Maria (mid 13c Spain). I've worked on the assumption that since 
the Cantigas were folk songs, many of them may have existed before King 
Alfonso saw fit to have them written down.  I've also found a few of the 
tunes show up in trouvere and troubador songs, so I've also assumed they 
wandered geographically as well. Are these assumptions workable? Am I 
stretching my "documentation" a little to thin?  Am I just being 
paranoid about this authenticity thing? Should I just get a life?

Thanks for your advice!

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