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Well all this letter I got from the SCA Caid mailing list so if you have
already seen it just ignore it but for all those who haven't seen it I hope
you find it informative

Kiernan Dalayne

(mka Toa Brown)

 Strange Woods, Jim and Theresa Hinton
 Blarney Stone Pub, Balboa and Genesee
 OCTOBER 9, and every second Thursday of each month:
 Brian Connolly
 Blarney Stone Pub, ElCajon Blvd and 70th St.
 Music usually starts at 9ish.
 Clap, sing....
 ps, How's that Daveed?
 Legio IX Hispana
 Great Western War II, February 10-17, 1998.
 http://emporium.turnpike.net/Z/zen/GWW2/index.html >>

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