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<< The song I believe you are referring to is called "Harmless Historical
 Nuts" and is on the "Serious Steel" tape by Master Ioesph of Lockesly and
 Leslie Fish.  It is a great song and very funny.  I believe some of the
 music vendors at Pennsic carried it.  You can, if you trust them after
 what has been reported to this list lately, try Pegasus Music that's
 where my sister got her copy.
 On Sun, 28 Sep 1997 18:36:16 -0500 "L. Ruggiero" <larug at siu.edu> writes:
 >Hello all, I have a request.
 >Whilst at Rendezvous at the Bridge I heard about a song concerning the 
 >investigation of the SCA.  Does anyone have this song or know where I 
 >get it on the WWW?
 >Thalia Lavalle
 >(mka Laura Ruggiero) >>

Yes you guys are right, it is Harmless Historical nuts off of the "Serious
Steele" CD.  I have a sound wav file from it if anyone would like it.  It is
a good description of us don't you think? The song is very amusing and I am
hoping to learn it soon.  Well all I am out of here.

Kiernan Dalayne
(mka Toa Brown)

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