minstrel: FBI song?

Aaron Bilodeau abilodea at indiana.edu
Sun Sep 28 17:11:25 PDT 1997

On Sun, 28 Sep 1997, L. Ruggiero wrote:

> Hello all, I have a request.
> Whilst at Rendezvous at the Bridge I heard about a song concerning the FBI
> investigation of the SCA.  Does anyone have this song or know where I could
> get it on the WWW?

	I believe the song you're talking about is "True Story" by Leslie
the Bard. I don't know of a web page that has it, but Leslie has given
permission for anyone to reproduce her works, so if nobody else does it
before I have a chance to look them up I'll post the words.

	Corwyn Draca,
	Shire of Mynydd Seren,
	Middle Kingdom

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