minstrel: A Dastardly Non-Period Song!!!!

J. C. Ronsen caleb at buffnet.net
Fri Sep 26 20:21:33 PDT 1997

At 04:46 PM 9/26/97 -0500, you wrote:
>	Okay, I got a lot of requests for this and promply zapped em all
>due to a brain-freeze!  
>Justinian of Ealdormere sent it to me.
>	Enjoy!!!!!
>>>VERT ALLIGATORS    {by Leofflaede of Heofonfelde and Cinaeth mac
>>>(We know the College of Arms doesn't work like this, but it was so

This was sick and twisted. I loved it. :-}

ska: Lord Caleb Reynolds
mka: Caleb Ronsen
aka: Bubba th' Barbarian
Known to millions as "Who's that?"

You IDIOT!  I told you "Pillage, THEN Burn." Stupid berzerkers...

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