minstrel: A Dastardly Non-Period Song!!!!

J. Michael Shew jshewkc at pei.edu
Fri Sep 26 14:46:55 PDT 1997

	Okay, I got a lot of requests for this and promply zapped em all
due to a brain-freeze!  

Justinian of Ealdormere sent it to me.
>>VERT ALLIGATORS    {by Leofflaede of Heofonfelde and Cinaeth mac
>>(We know the College of Arms doesn't work like this, but it was so
>>A long time ago, my shield was just a blank,
>>And now that it's filled up, I ought to thank
>>The pursuivants who collected my whims
>>Onto my device new and bold and grim.
>>CHORUS:  There were vert alligators with purpure feet,
>>         A seme of butterflies and chimpanzees,
>>         Some tribbles gorged with earslugs and covered in gore,
>>         But the tackiest of all was the codpiece or.
>>Now the vert alligator with feet purpure
>>Is much like a dragon to the careless viewer,
>>Our canton's pursuivant set it on its head,
>>And painted it entirely purpure instead.
>>Of the butterfly and chimpanzee seme,
>>Our baronial pursuivant had this to say:
>>"Hard to discern; break the field per fess,
>>One seme on each half will pass, I guess."
>>The Herald of our principality
>>Said tribbles are 25th century;
>>A haggis with its hands round an English throat,
>>He felt, would retain that civilized note.
>>Now the field it was argent up to this stage,
>>But the Kingdom Herald began to rage;
>>The colour of the field must be changed also,
>>Or the codpiece Or had got to go.
>>Back from the Laurel King of Arms it came:
>>The codpiece Or, it had remained the same.
>>Of the alligator only "purpure" was left,
>>And of all other charges it was bereft.
>>Of this, Laurel said, "Simple, clear, unique!
>>As distinctive as I've seen all this month or week.
>>Strong and aggressive, you will agree,
>>Symbol of all you aspire to be."
>>(Last Chorus)
>>There were vert alligators with purpure feet,
>>A seme of butterflies and chimpanzees,
>>Some tribbles gorged with earslugs and covered in gore
>>But the one that got passed was the codpiece Or.
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