minstrel: Does anyone have any Renaissance drinking songs?

Robin Hayes rhayes at powerup.com.au
Wed Sep 24 11:51:31 PDT 1997

At 19:16 23/09/97 +1000, Fiona P. wrote:
>At 7:06 PM -1000 21/9/97, Robin Hayes wrote:
>>At 18:30 21/09/97 +1000, Paul Sleigh/Eric wrote:
>>>The Chester Book Of Madrigals
>>>ed. Anthony G Petti
>>>A series of eight:
>>I have most except one or two - unable to find them at the moment. Hidden
>>in the Great Pack Rat Storehouse... :-)
>>If anyone is able to track down a source, please advise this list, as I
>>would like to complete the set.
>Robin dearest one,
>you seem to be in Australia (if that .com.au is anything to go by).  This
>series is very easily tracked down from any halfway-decent music store, who
>should be able to order it in if they dson't already have it.  
> If you let
>me know where you're located, I shouldn't have any hassles tracking down a

I'm in Brisbane. I haven't followed up on the obvious methods at the
moments cause
1) I can't find the books to work out what I'm missing at the moment -
they're somewhere "SAFE!!!"
2) Being unemployed, I have had different priorities recently...

>People outside a civilised country (ie not in Australia *chuckle*) 

Ahh! therby hangs a tail...

Thank you.


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