minstrel: Does anyone have any Renaissance drinking songs?

Fiona P. bilby at matra.com.au
Tue Sep 23 02:16:58 PDT 1997

At 7:06 PM -1000 21/9/97, Robin Hayes wrote:
>At 18:30 21/09/97 +1000, Paul Sleigh/Eric wrote:
>>The Chester Book Of Madrigals
>>ed. Anthony G Petti
>>A series of eight:
>I have most except one or two - unable to find them at the moment. Hidden
>in the Great Pack Rat Storehouse... :-)
>If anyone is able to track down a source, please advise this list, as I
>would like to complete the set.

Robin dearest one,

you seem to be in Australia (if that .com.au is anything to go by).  This
series is very easily tracked down from any halfway-decent music store, who
should be able to order it in if they dson't already have it.  I ordered
the Fruitbat's books from Fine Music in Melbourne (although I'm in Sydney)
becuase I couldn't remember the name of the series and that's where I'd
seen it last.  I've also seen them In Da Capo music in Sydney.  If you let
me know where you're located, I shouldn't have any hassles tracking down a

People outside a civilised country (ie not in Australia *chuckle*) any of
your music stores _should_ be able to find the series.  If not, let me know
and I can probably organise copies to be posted.  If I'm organised.  ;)

Hope that all helps,

Fyrean Macneil... (mka Fiona)

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Though Love and all his pleasure are but toyes,
They shorten tedious nights.

			-- Thomas Campian (1567 - 1620)

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