minstrel: BeoCat

Kathy Lee kal35810 at Jetson.UH.EDU
Mon Sep 22 16:08:00 PDT 1997

All right, serves me right for running off out of town and not checking my
e-mail for - what - two weeks?

So, Efen, what sort of mischief have you been up to?  I swear, I go away for
a few weeks, and you get yourself into no end of trouble.  I think it has
something to do with that cloak ...

I don't know anything about "Beowabbit," but Master Avatar of Catsprey (Yes,
we *do* have bardic laurels in Ansteorra ;-) ) has written a disgustingly
good epic entitled "BeoCat."

Now that I've teased you all, I'll tell you that, no, I do not have a copy
of the poem.

But that's all right - it just wouldn't be the same without the audience
participation, or the sock puppet ...

I will try to get it, and when and if I do, I will post it to the list.
Otherwise, you'll all just have to come down to Gulf Wars, and beg him to
perform for us at the (cheap advertisement!)


The bardic circle at Pennsic was such a success, it will become a regular
occurrance at both Pennsic and Gulf Wars.

See you there!


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