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At 09:08 21/09/97 -0500, Rex Deaver wrote:
>At 06:30 PM 9/20/97 +1000, Martin Hungerford wrote:
>>        how big are your hands? If you can doodle on a G whistle would 
>>you be able to reach the holes on a low octave one!
>The G is a tight squeeze but not uncomfortable...and hey, it fits in a pouch
>without sticking out.  Since I haven't ever seen a low octave whistle, let
>alone played one, I guess I will have to find out:):)

SHAW make a beautiful one under 44 cm long. Tapered in the "Bone" style -
wider at the fipple end - of apparently nickel silver with th ewooden plug
at the fipple end. It has a sweet quieter tone (than the cylindrical ones),
supple to play, but intended for slwoer quieter type playing.

SHAW make whistles in all the "standard" keys.

My only argument with the SHAW and other similar construction types, is
that they can rend to be "breath hungry" and often have a "breathy" timbre,
but that can work well in the right circumsatnces.

One of the tricks of playing the high G and F whistles, is learning how to
control your fingering. While some claim that they are "children" whistles,
the F in particular is often popular with talented whistle players to
demonstrate technique mastery.

The SHAW whistles, were available from Lark in the Morning (USA), but are
also now available in Australia.


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