minstrel: Does anyone have any Renaissance drinking songs?

Paul Sleigh/Eric fruitbat at macquarie.matra.com.au
Sun Sep 21 01:30:09 PDT 1997

I got this from a long-eared bandicoot and only just got around to answering.

>Eric, could you possibly look up the details fro thge Chester Books of
>songs that you have and let the list know that there's a drinking songs
>version (I thing), and send the details, if need be?  They may no be
>available in the States, but they might as well try.  I don't have the
>details at all, sorry, but I'd like to help this guy.  And let everyone
>else know of these resources on specific song types ...
>The information collator and disseminator ...
>And of course there's always the Carmina Burana ... "In taberna" ... :) ...
>there may even be contemporary music for it - I can't remember ...
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>They shorten tedious nights.
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The relevant details are:

The Chester Book Of Madrigals
ed. Anthony G Petti

A series of eight:
1. The Animal Kingdom
2. Love And Marriage
3. Desirable Women
4. The Seasons
5. Singing And Dancing
6. Smoking And Drinking
7. Warfare
8. Place Names

The inside blurb says:

Chester Music 
(A Music Sales Limited Company)
8/9 Frith Street, London W1V 5TZ
Exclusive distributors: Music Sales Ltd., Newmarket Road
Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP33 3YB

No ISBN or ISSN that I can see, sorry.

I have 3 and 7, courtesy of said Bilby, who found them in Melbourne.
They're good stuff: music from late period, with lyrics and translations
and copious notes.  I wish I could read music better...

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