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Robin Hayes rhayes at powerup.com.au
Sun Sep 21 11:50:42 PDT 1997

At 13:01 20/09/97 -0700, Tamiko Little wrote:
>Has Robin been twitted yet, if not, needs to be.


By my hand this 31st day of July, AS XXIX, (1994) 
Donn an Bronach, Grand Puntiff


and also a full (but sober) W.O.A.W. sometime (lost in history) before 16/9/95

Robin - 
G.A. W.O.A.W. (and assumed T.W.E.R.P.) 
(Totally Whimsical Electronic Ridiculous Person.)

who hath a whole Troupe of Fooles to "help" him...

The Wise doth not oft dispute the Foolishness of the Fool,
 But the Fool doth oft abuse the Wisdom of the Wise.
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