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Robin Hayes rhayes at powerup.com.au
Sun Sep 21 00:12:47 PDT 1997

At 18:30 20/09/97 +1000, Martin Hungerford wrote:
>>Robin, I am very much interested in finding out more about these big fipple
>>flutes.  My favorite doodling instrument is a Generation "G" ( mostly
>        how big are your hands? If you can doodle on a G whistle would 
>you be able to reach the holes on a low octave one! I don't wish to be 
>offensive but I can no longer fit my fingers onto a G whistle and have 
>trouble playing the low D which a friend has.

As I understand, a low G is between the Low D and the normal "Irish
Whistle" D. The (normally easily available) High G is above that. I have
one of those cuties... They make a great solo instrument for showing off,
but can be a bit shrill.

An extra low G would probably have to have keys. I can reach the holes on
the low C & D. Took a couple of months of stretching the fingers to be
comfortable and build up speed and strength. Funnily enough, the stretch
between the 2 bottom holes on the Overton low D is greater than the similar
stretch on the (whole tone) lower pitched Howard low C.

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